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Anthony Fossey - Artists Portfolio

Welcome to my artists portfolio!

Here you will find some of my artwork (paintings, drawings etc) and how I like to do it

Also you will will some examples of the photography I do and how I do that.


Photography skill
Photographer 61%
Artist skill
Artist 47%

My Art

My Art includes my drawings, paintings and music videos

For my paintings, i like use a bit of a wet-on-wet technique with thick acrylic paints. I find that wet-on-wet allows you to blend colors better giving you a nicer look to the painting.

For my Drawings, I really use shading. Shading gives it that 3d look and makes it look really real.

There isn’t much to say about my music videos accept, I almost never plan and just go with the flow

Motion Art

This painting was great fun to do. We had to draw something that displayed motion caught in time and I thought that waves were the perfect thing to paint. This painting took me about 3 weeks.

Cymatic Music Video

This Videos was for Art class. We had to somehow incorporateΒ cymaticsΒ into a painting or a music video. I chose music video so me, my brother and sister made this video

Play Video
Play Video

Whiteboard stop animation

This was another Art project. The Project was to make a stop animation video. This one took me an hour and a half

Charcoal Tree Sketch

This Sketch was sketched with charcoal and took one whole art class. Charcla is great to sketch trees with because it draws realistic bark.

Water Droplet Drawing

This drawing I did to practice my shading. As you can see, with the right shading, you can make things pop out and look real.

Charcoal abstract sky sketch

This sketch was done by inspiration from Bob Ross’s painting “Black and White seascape.”

I’m not sure where the seascape comes from, but this was fun to draw and took me an hour.

Artist's portfolio picture

My Photography

My main photography categories are nature, abstract and urban photography (man-made things and buildings).

There are many other categories and some other one I do include:

vehicle photography, exposure photography, reflection photos, rain photos, macro, high speed shutter, black and white, wildlife and more.

I mainly focus on (no pun intended) trying different angles and lighting, as well as shutter speed.



Here are some examples of my nature photography


Here are some examples of my abstract photography

Back and White

These are some examples of my black and white photography

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